the level of
attention, service
and results truly
sets us apart


Nick Henke

Managing Broker
Wonder Dog Realty

When I started Wonder Dog Realty, I already had experience helping an accomplished multi-family housing investor and his friends in some of his, then their, acquisitions.

I saw what mattered to them and what made a difference in the overall process and experience. As a result, Wonder Dog Realty focuses on the purchase of middle-tier multi-family housing complexes, a segment of the commercial real estate market normally thought of as being the realm of the large brokerage firms, but does so with a level of attention, service and results that truly sets it apart. Wonder Dog Realty provides the best of all worlds, access to the full range of market areas normally only gotten through a national or international firm, as well as the expertise and one-on-one attention usually only found at the best investment banks and wealth management firms. In that way, Wonder Dog Realty delivers both sophistication and ease to its clients, getting them the best possible service and results with minimum effort required on their part.

As a specialty brokerage, we only work with referrals.

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Wonder Dog Realty's sister company, Wonder Dog Management, currently provides professional property management services to apartment complex owners in Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties.

Wonder Dog Management is dedicated to enhancing property values and improving income for our clients by providing residents with quality housing at fair market rates, all the while carefully watching and managing property expenses. Wonder Dog Management's property management services, wed to Wonder Dog Realty's realty services, result in a strong understanding of the markets, something which helps us help our clients make key decisions, including when and where to buy, sell, or refinance.

As a specialty brokerage, we only work with referrals.

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Though not Wonder Dog Realty's primary business focus,

we represent our clients as a courtesy in their single family home purchases


Wonder Dog Rescuary provides facilities for a deaf dog rescue, for a dog rescue, and for people who play key roles in a people & dog rehabilitation program run in nearby prisons.

So much good is created by helping Wonder Dog Rescuary reach it goal and help this worthwhile organization and people. Deaf dogs from all over North America are able to find loving homes. Dogs from throughout California and beyond are rescued. Dogs of all types are trained and training is provided to those who adopt them. And teaming dogs with prisoners in nearby prisons makes those dogs more adoptable while also giving unconditional love and real skills to prisoners to better enable them to actually work their way out of the cycle of crime.

As a specialty brokerage, we only work with referrals.

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